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Condos. They're new. They're hip. They're hot. And they're the subject of this website. Who should be here? Everyone! People who have a downtown Toronto condo for rent, people who want to buy a condo in the Greater Toronto Area, and anyone looking for a little more information about the condo trend. Our content was compiled by experts and covers the length and breadth of the condo real estate market in Toronto. Bookmark us, because you'll never need to go anywhere else for condo information. Here's an overview of the information we have to offer:

Hottest Condo Neighborhoods

New to the city? Then this is the info you'll need to make an informed choice when you're searching for new digs. We can tell you if you'll find condos or houses when you search for Riverdale, Toronto real estate and what the best locations are for commuters. We've got the dirt on the biggest and most expensive condo districts like Bloor and the Waterfront, along with the scoop on the neighborhoods where you wouldn't expect to find condo buildings so you can swoop in and get first pick.

Hottest Condo Features

Condos are more than just apartments you can own. They're the opportunity to own luxury real estate in a building that contains everything you need, from a laundry service to a movie theater. We'll tell you what developers are building into the new homes in Maple Ontario that you won't want to live without, the buildings with the best features, and what to look for in the home catalogs. Sunrooms, dens, in-building gyms, rooftop gardens, swimming pools, en suite laundry - the list is endless, so before you choose, at least learn what there is to choose from.

Tips for Buyers

Toronto is absolutely packed with top notch condo developments and your real estate agent will take you to see every one of them if you ask her. But do you know what to look for when you're visiting Liberty Village condos for the first time? Do you know what questions to ask the previous owners? The difference between buying into a brand new building or purchasing a resale condo? Are you aware of all the fees, contracts, agreements, and obligations on your sale contract and what exactly you're getting for signing it? If you answered no to any of those questions, link over to the buyer's section before putting pen to paper.

Advice for Sellers

Owning a condo is great. It's home ownership for busy people. But when the same busy people try to juggle air conditioning Burlington, four conference calls, AND selling their old condo, that's when they run into trouble. We've got everything you need to know to get your condo sold quickly, easily, and above all, profitably. We can direct you to a real estate agent you'll get along with, teach you how to stage your home, and train you to interact with prospective buyers. When we're through with you, all you'll need is a sticker to put on your for sale sign - one that says SOLD.

Insulating Concrete Forms
Almost any building plan can be configured for ICF. Ask us how!
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